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Digital Game

Waiting is boring... so before releasing Travel Union MOBILE BANKING APP with e-money functionality, let's test the app by playing, hunting QR Codes, and wining valuable prizes!


Leads us to Spain

Find this week's QR Code and you will participate in the lottery to win The Prize of this week.

Prize of this week

Individual luxury sailing boat trip in Tenerife for two

Clue of this week

The name of this boat cruises company⛵️ in Tenerife 🇪🇸 is hiding 2 words:
❗️ The first word refers to the name of the emperor of Russia 👑 who ruled Russia during the period of the Napoleonic Wars.
❗️❗️ The second is an English word (in plural) for a holiday 🛳during which you travel on a ship or boat and visit a number of places 🛳
❗ + ❗❗= 🎯

*Search Facebook for QR code and do not forget to LIKE THE PAGE when you find it
*Winner will be announced 2020-08-11.

Have the answer?

It will lead you to the QR Code. 

Find and scan it with the Travel Union app scanner.
 (a little hint - search on Facebook)


Game Rules

Solve the clue. 1 clue - 1 QR Code to hunt - 1 prize to win.
The right answer leads to the Facebook page where the QR Code is posted. ​Click the code or Scan from screen  with the Travel Union app. Do not forget to like the page that you have found!
Each QR Code is also worth 5 min in #TIME. ​Collect #TIME in your account balance, and after the official launch, convert it into cash.

How to become a hunter​

Hunt a QR Code by solving digital clues, not even leaving your couch.​

Your weapon is Travel Union mobile app that will help you to capture the QR Code by scanning it.

Win valuable prizes of the game​

be sure you have a trip in your pocket after lock down is over

Collect #TIME on your app balance ​

after the launch convert it to CASH or other goods

Become exclusive customer​

the first 5000 people that onboard with Travel Union Mobile App will be included in our "Special Customer List" with exclusive benefits

Try app demo​

no risk - try the demo before onboarding: review and test functionalities of the Travel Union mobile banking app