myTU mobile banking app and account for kids

Mobile Banking for you and your family

Mobile Banking for Children

the real and free personal account from age of 7

Open an account for your children with just a few clicks from the mobile phone. Monitor the financial activity, top-up the account instantly, and manage essential settings. Children will receive their first payment card and many everyday handy features that will teach them financial literacy.

10 € pocket
money gift from

+ individual account and payment card for a child

Steps how to open myTU account for your kid

How to open an account

for a kid?

  1. One of the parents must have a myTU account.
  2. One of the parents registers the child through their app: reads the contract, submits the child's documents, registers the child's phone number.
  3. The child downloads myTU app, registers his smartphone and confirms his identity.
  4. The questionnaire for a child under the age of 14 must be filled in by parents from their app. From the age of 14 the child performs this action himself, from his smartphone.

Once the documents are checked, the kid is registered and ready to order the payment card.


for parents

Instant money transfer to your kid

Choose the amount and transfer money to your kid anytime, anywhere. Money will instantly appear in their account


Real-time notifications of each child transaction

You can choose to monitor and get instant notifications about every action in the child's account. If you don't need it, turn it off

Automated allowances

Set up automated allowances and your child will always get money in time. Just choose the amount and frequency. This will help your child to plan their monthly earnings, expenses and start to save

Coming soon!

Chore management

Opportunity to earn money for the kid. Create the chore list and amount of earnings. After the kid fulfills the tasks, the money appears in his account automatically

Block/Unblock the kid's card

Block/Unblock the kid's card if you note suspicious actions in their account

Flexible parental controls for each child

Turn On or Off Internet payments and ATM withdrawals; set up transaction limits. You can also switch off all kid's monitoring functions and give your children the privacy they have earned

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What is #TIME?

Easy and fun

for kids

Free payment card for kids 

After registration is over, the child can order his first payment card with a few clicks. The card will arrive at the home address within 7 business days


Request and receive money from parents in seconds

Account is empty, but friends unexpectedly invite you to the movies? Send the request to your parents and after their approval the money will be in your account in seconds

The piggy-bank in your smartphone

Dreaming of a bike or a guitar? Create a separate fund, set aside money and be calm, you won't spend it by accident

Split the bill with friends

Bought a joint birthday present for your classmate? Split the bill between yourselves with a few clicks. Convenient, quick and no cash required

Personalize app design

Color it up in the way you love, create your avatar. Who said banking has to be boring?

Block/Unblock the payment card

Not sure if you left the payment card at home or lost it? Just block the card with one touch in your app and unblock when you find it

Don’t let old school banking kill the fun!

Download myTU APP and register or try APP demo first. Trust us, and it will be worth your time.