10 € pocket money gift from myTU

+ individual account and payment card for a child

Open a myTU account for your child with just a few quick clicks on your mobile phone and we will take care of the pocket money. With myTU app, children from the age of 7 can securely take the first steps to the world of finance: learn how to manage money, make payments, plan and analyse their finances.
Make your daily routine easier by using myTU mobile banking.  

How to sign your child up and participate in the myTU pocket money offer?

1. OPEN an account for your child free of charge.

If you are a myTU client already, register a child via your app. If not, open an account for yourself first and then for your kid.

Video on how to open an account for your child

2. THE CHILD HAS TO DOWNLOAD myTU app, read the terms and conditions, register their smart device and confirm their identity.

3. Once the documents are reviewed, the child will get their personal account and will immediately be able to ORDER a free payment card.   

4. Once the payment card is ordered, a parent will instantly GET A NOTIFICATION about the possibility to add 10 € to the child's account.

* The notification will be active for 48 hours, so make sure to confirm it in time.

5. After ACCEPTING AND CONFIRMING, 10 € pocket money gift from myTU will automatically be added to the child's account.

Opening an account to both the adult and the child is free of charge, there are no annual or monthly fees. The main banking functions of myTU mobile banking are free of charge. There are no costs on the payment cards and the delivery. There are no hidden fees. Price list